Car Wax 4l



For hard non-porous, smooth surfaces, including: metal, fiberglass, glass, bronze

Product Description

Car wax Purpose Contains carnauba . For hard non-porous , smooth surfaces, including: metal, fiberglass, glass, bronze , tile and synthetic resin . Good for all painted and polished surfaces , including appliances. Recommended for : to « clear coats, base coats  » , lacquer , enamel, acrylic , chrome and metal . Clean, wax , gloss, waterproofs and protects a single application . Pour on a damp cloth and spread on the desired surface and wait for a fine white deposit appears. Polish with a dry cloth to clean a chandelier étincelant.Enlève oxidation, resistant to ultraviolet rays, calcium and acid rain . Can be used : auto, truck, caravan, boat , airplane, bicycle, lawn tractor , heavy machinery , buses , paddle , snowmobile, motorcycle, patio furniture , PVC, ceramic , acrylic , melamine, lacquer marble , fiberglass , gold, silver, chromium , breaststroke, jewelry , refrigerator, stove , microwave , window, mirror, bathtub , shower, washbasin , guitar, violin, trumpet … product Code: RKG9Z3


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