It all started in 1990 when Jean-Roch Breton, owner of a hotel building, decided to design with a chemist, a car wax that would meet their demanding needs. It took a year to find the formula that satisfied him and do his first steps in the industry.

In 1992, his company Lelou Products Inc., located in Bishopton Estrie, launched its first product, the centerpiece of its range: the car wax. Over the years, the company has grown to become what it is today. Its customer satisfaction policy and the direct marketing process in shopping centers have quickly increased the product awareness.

The company now has a range of five (5) outstanding products including: car wax, soap, wax, restaurateur, cleaner-degreaser and the ultimate wax. Until today, Lelou Products Inc. served over 250,000 customers across the country, an evidence that demonstrates the excellent quality of its products.

The company is today present in more than 500 outlets across Quebec, the Maritimes, a part of Ontario and a part of Alberta.